webster s new worldtm french vocabulary and verbs

Phrasal verbs are an important feature of the English language. Their importance lies in the fact that they form such a key part of everyday English. Not only are they used in spoken and informal English, but they are also a common aspect of written and even formal English. Understanding and learning to use phrasal verbs, however, is often problematic and there are many reasons for this. The meaning of a phrasal verb, for example, often bears no relation to the meaning of either the verb or the particle which is used with it. This means that phrasal verbs can be difficult both to understand and to remember. Neither does it help that many phrasal verbs have several different meanings, nor that their syntactic behaviour is often unpredictable. -OVER 4500 PHRASAL VERBS current in British, American and Australian English - THOUSANDS OF EXAMPLE SENTENCES: showing phrasal verbs in context - A CAREFULLY CONTROLLED DEFININGS VOCABULARY making explanations easy to understand -CLEAR AND DETAILED INFORMATION on grammar and collocation SPECIAL FEATURES to make practice and usage easier - THEME PANELS: Presenting phrasal verbs in topic groups - PHOTOCOPIABLE EXERCISES MATERIAL - GUIDANCE on the most useful phrasal verbs to learn Издание полностью на английском языке.

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