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This book on cell death contains 29 self-contained, peer-reviewed articles written by leading scientists in each field. It features overview articles aimed at undergraduates and non-specialists, which present basic information and provide entry into the following advanced articles. These advanced articles are written for postgraduate students and research workers, containing detailed information and key references allowing the reader to investigate a specific area in more depth. The book is an essential resource for educational purposes as well as a reference work for experienced researchers in the field. The articles will also be available electronically as part of the acclaimed Encyclopedia of Life Sciences (ELS). Key features: Provides a comprehensive overview on the research of programmed cell death. Edited by leaders in the field. Clearly written and illustrated articles. Full colour throughout. A spin-on to the acclaimed reference work, the Encyclopedia of Life Science (ELS). Combines introductory information with coverage of the latest discoveries in the field. Features overview level articles for advanced students or people new to a topic and more advanced articles for those requiring more detailed information. Serves as a reference work for advanced students as well as researchers in this field. Ideal library purchase for science, medical, and technology libraries in academia, government, and industry; medical libraries; networks and consortia covering these markets.

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