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Have you ever been with someone where you are both seeing the same event, yet you both come away with two completely different interpretations of what you just saw? In the book THE DEEP SEE, I talk about a picture that I often use in my classes to help students see how different their perspectives can be. In the picture, a cat is looking at a mirror in which it sees its reflection as a tiger. I ask the students to interpret what they are seeing, experiencing, and feeling as they look at the picture. Inevitably, the responses widely vary. What can cause people to see the same thing yet see it so differently? The answer is perspective. As the book describes, we all view things through our own filters, which have been defined over the course of our lifetimes. Our upbringing, culture, religion (or lack of one), political views, work experience, and even our mood at that moment shape what we see, how we feel, and what we interpret. The book demonstrates that listening to others’ perspectives is often very telling because we all tend to project our life views into the sights we see and the experiences we have. By analyzing our own answers to what we see, we will often gain clues to what is abundant or missing in our own lives. So are you seeing what you think you are seeing? Yes, you are! Just remember you are not seeing things from an unfiltered perspective. And you are the one who gives meaning to what you see. THE DEEP SEE helps you inquire deeper into your real you and shows yo...

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