maisey yates marriage made on paper

The Argentine’s PriceLazaro Marino, the housekeeper’s son, has climbed his way out of poverty, but he’s still denied entry into the highest echelons of society. And blue-blooded heiress Vanessa Pickett is the key to unlocking the door to all that he desires…But, for Vanessa, this deal with the devil comes with a startling price…The Inherited BridePrincess Isabella was certain of three things… She desperately didn’t want to marry the Sheikh to whom she was betrothed… There was more to the darkly handsome, dark-hearted desert stranger escorting her back to the altar than met the eye… And, having kissed the stranger once, she was never going to be the same again…Marriage Made on PaperWhen ambitious public relations expert Lily Ford signs a contract with hot-shot property tycoon Gage Forrester, she inadvertently signs her life away! A tough taskmaster, he wants Lily at his beck and call 24/7. And when he needs to generate some positive PR – he proposes to Lily!

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