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The exchange of the words “I do” is the high point of the wedding ceremony. But all too often, the two who recite them don’t realize that not only are they making a vow to each other, but they are making a vow to God, who brought them together. I Thee Wed: A Couple’s Journey to a Godly Marriage is the testimonial of a couple who, blessed by a second chance at matrimony, share their 13-year journey to the God-centered marriage that sustains them today.Written for those contemplating marriage, those engaged to be married, newlyweds, as well as seasoned veterans, I Thee Wed: A Couple’s Journey to a Godly Marriage details the pitfalls of entering a relationship without God at its center, the consequences of living for oneself, the need to surrender one’s life to God, the importance of aligning one’s values in a marriage, and the role that witnesses and other sources of support play in helping a couple achieve the goal of a purpose-filled marriage.Questions for reflection allow readers to reflect on their own relationships and the changes they must make if they are to live for God. Chapters are told from the perspective of each partner, providing a balanced picture of each’s role in achieving a successful marriage. Pertinent scriptures enhance and reinforce the lessons shared in this powerful testimonial. I Thee Wed: A Couple’s Journey to a Godly Marriage is sure to be embraced as an important resource in the area of marriage ministry.

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